Learning experience design is a field dedicated to creating the most engaging and effective learning experiences possible. This doesn’t just apply to education, as many corporations and organizations can benefit from improving their learning programs, such as a company hoping to improve its training program or materials. 

Let’s dive into why learning experience design (LXD) is important, how to become an LXD designer, and look at the ultimate goal of the learning experience design field in general. 

What Is The Importance Of Learning Experience Design and Instructional Design?

Learning Experience Design (LXD) is an essential aspect of any successful educational or training program. LXD is a process of understanding the needs and preferences of learners and using that information to design effective learning experiences that motivate them to learn and retain information. One example of learning experience design is to encourage social learning, since collaboration can help with both learner engagement and motivation.

An example of activity experience design might also be gamification, since this can help the experience be more entertaining, and learners will retain more information since it’s a more “fun” experience for them. Gamification can encourage friendly competition, and it can also encourage intrinsic motivation and foster a more positive learning environment. 

Learning experience design is also important because it promotes inclusivity and accessibility. Not all learners have the same needs, preferences, or learning styles. LXD takes into account the diversity of learners and creates inclusive learning experiences that accommodate different learning styles, abilities, and needs. This ensures that every learner has an equal opportunity to succeed and that no one is left behind.

Good learning experience design is also quantifiable–that is, you can track how the design helps an organization reach overall desired learning outcomes.

Ultimately, LXD helps learners take a more active approach to their learning, whether it’s for an educational institution, a corporation, or another kind of organization. This leads to better outcomes for learners and sponsoring organizations alike.

What Is The Goal of Learning Experience Design? What Is the Desired Learning Outcome?

The desired learning outcome will change from organization to organization. But generally, LX design has a common goal: to create transformational, inclusive, effective, and quantifiable learning experiences that help learners to acquire new skills and knowledge. This goal generally feeds into the larger goal of a school or organization, such as increasing overall test scores or improving employee performance. 

How To Become a Learning Experience Designer

There’s no one set path to becoming a learning experience designer, but there are several college degrees that will make your LXD designer path much easier. Overall, you will have more of a head start in this field if you have some kind of background in education or technology. 

If you have both education and technology experience, this is a plus. Some college degrees that can help you become an LXD designer include a degree in Instructional Design (ID) or UX Design. There are now also a handful of degrees in Learning Experience Design. It’s worth noting however that instructional designers and learning experience designers are not identical roles. Rather, LX designers require similar skills to instructional designers, but also a broader background in areas like learning theory, online learning, cognitive psychology, graphic design, and other fields.

Current LX designers could potentially read learning experience design books and take on roles that can help them build the skills necessary to eventually become full-time learning experience designers. An individual might also take a learning experience design course to learn about basic principles, and then use other design skills to help them eventually obtain an LXD role. While this might not be the traditional approach, there are many people who have been able to learn the skills necessary to eventually become an LXD designer through unconventional paths. 

How Jackrabbit LX Can Help Your Organization Create a Personalized, Human Centered, Learning Experience Design

Jackrabbit LX’s expertise in designing learning experiences can assist you in developing effective, personalized, and measurable human centered learning experiences. Using our distinctive five-step design process, we create experiences that empower learners and organizations alike.

Whether you’re starting a new program, scaling up an existing online course, or testing a new initiative, Jackrabbit LX can help you achieve your learning objectives. Our learning experiences not only promote inclusivity and experiential learning, but can also foster a more connected company culture, enhance worker safety, and drive revenue growth.

With Jackrabbit LX’s proprietary five-step process, we collaborate with you to define your vision for success, prototype and iterate to refine the design, and scale the program for maximum impact. Our team’s expertise in learning experience design, coupled with our custom roadmap process, guarantees your success.

We’ll guide you through the entire process, from idea to execution. We understand that it can be challenging to conceptualize how to create or enhance a learning experience. As such, LXD can be an iterative process and requires a deep understanding of learning design and your organizations goals. Jackrabbit LX excels at embracing educational technology, discovering innovative and unorthodox solutions, stimulating organizational change, and envisioning novel learning possibilities.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how Jackrabbit LX can help your organization today!

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