The learning experience process is where LX designers either develop a program from the ground up or work to improve on an existing program. With the rise of online learning, learning experience designers are more in-demand than ever, getting hired by various organizations to improve programs and courses of all kinds. 

Learning experience design is rooted in research that helps organizations clarify and achieve their learning goals and objectives. The role is more important than ever, thanks to the rise of eLearning. Online learning as a sector can no longer be denied, with the market surpassing $315 billion in 2021.  

Let’s dive into the purpose of learning experience design, the stages of the learning process, and how Jackrabbit LX can help you design a more effective and engaging learning experience. 

What Is the Purpose of Learning Experience Design?

A learning experience is often broken down into 3 types of learning experience: physical, digital, or blended. A blended experience is a learning experience that incorporates both physical and digital elements. Ultimately, a learning experience is any experience where a learner learns something: it can be a conversation, a simulation, a training program, a webinar, a booklet, a novel, or an apprenticeship.

Every learning experience should ideally be centered around the learner and the systems in which they are situated. This applied to all learning experiences, from a formal school setting to microlearning professional development to informal self-study using YouTube videos.

The best learning experience as a student is one where the student enjoys themselves, feels motivated, and understands how this knowledge can help them achieve their goals. These types of learning experiences with examples are critical in helping learners gain valuable real-world skills they appreciate and understand. 

What Are the Stages of the Learning Experience?

Since there are so many different approaches to teaching and learning, there are many different steps in the teaching-learning process. We have our process for learning experience design, and other organizations have something different. Any process is a reflection of the context of the design.

At Jackrabbit LX, it entails understanding the learner and meeting them where they are. It involves ensuring learning experiences are accessible, inclusive, and deliver real value. The skills they learn have to fit into their big-picture aspirations.

The learning experience should immediately be as applicable as possible. If it didn’t immediately resonate with the learner, it wasn’t as effective as it could have been. It should also help the learner expand their possibilities and outcomes.

It’s also essential that the learner remains active throughout the process rather than be a passive participant. It should also offer opportunities to reflect on their own skills and progress. The most capable LX designers also understand that feedback systems are critical for future LX improvement. 

If the skills are too elementary or advanced for the learner, then the learning experience doesn’t serve its purpose. This kind of narrative tension can increase engagement and external motivation. 

Many learning experience designers are also familiar with the work of David Kolb, considered a pioneer in the field of experiential learning. According to Kolb, the 4 stages of the learning process were the following: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation. 

These stages can also help LX designers refine their learning experience to include several or all of these elements. Significant research supports the claim that experiential learning methods can be more effective than traditional teaching/learning methods. 

How Jackrabbit LX Can Help

Jackrabbit LX specializes in envisioning, designing, and scaling customized online learning programs for various organizations. From corporations and startups to schools, healthcare institutions, and nonprofits, we have the expertise to meet the unique learning needs of diverse industries.

Developing online learning programs can be daunting, fraught with numerous challenges. However, our team of experts is here to guide your organization through these obstacles, providing the necessary support to create a successful learning experience. We take pride in our ability to deliver value and drive impact, exemplified by our collaborations with renowned organizations like Medtronic, Vital Strategies, and more.

At Jackrabbit LX, we believe in understanding our client’s motivations and thoroughly analyzing their content, regardless of their industry. This enables us to create tailored learning experiences that align with their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our approach combines data-driven insights and extensive research to determine the most effective strategies for achieving your company’s objectives.

In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of Learning Experience Design (LXD) cannot be overstated. Surveys show that 93% of workers are more likely to remain in a workplace that supports their career development. Leverage our expertise to clarify and execute your unique learning experience design goals.

Contact Jackrabbit LX today to discover how we can empower your organization and unlock the full potential of online learning.

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