A great learning experience must be evidence-based. What does that mean, exactly? A stated and often-repeated value of ours at Jackrabbit LX is: “Create solutions using the tension between creativity, evidence, and standards.”

We reference five forms of evidence and standards at JLX (quant and qualitative learner data, existing literature, applicable client organizational metrics, and our own experiences). People may raise eyebrows at the last one: “our own experiences.” But this is where the LX can go from “good enough” to “brilliant!”. A great solution is not just the product of its data inputs, it’s about what creative minds DO with those inputs. Each of us has a fascinating, weird, unique past. We know and feel and value different things. We as creatives must be empowered to bring our whole selves into our design work. I’m not saying that our experience outweighs another standard or form of evidence, but it always deserves to be part of the conversation.

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