Learning experience design is a rapidly evolving field. But what exactly does a learning experience designer do? As learning increasingly becomes a lifelong and life-wide journey, the demand for learning experience designers has increased significantly.

Here, we delve into the learning experience design role, why it matters, and what exactly they do for organizations of all kinds. 

What Does a Learning Experience Designer Do?

Because it’s a relatively new field, many people still wonder about learning experience jobs and what the role means. First and foremost, a learning experience designer creates learning experiences. This means they create educational experiences not just for schools or universities but also training programs for businesses, corporations, and organizations.

Since every school or company is unique, learning experience designers create unique experiences tailored to specific institutions and organizations using learning experience design principles. 

These experiences do not have to take the form of a “course,” necessarily. Learning experiences can include presentations, interactive activities, workshops, seminars, or assessments. In fact, any interaction where someone learns is technically a learning experience. Learning experience designers also often include many different elements to encourage learners to stay interested and motivated throughout the experience.  

Many learning experience designers get into the LXD field after obtaining a learning experience design degree. No matter what content field they are designing for, these designers are expected to create memorable and practical learning experiences that meet the objectives of the intended audience. 

Learning experience designers will also have to have creative, analytical, and communication skills. They need creativity to create custom learning experiences for different situations. They need analytical abilities to apply the latest research and test their results, and they need to be skilled communicators to communicate with stakeholders. 

How To Become A Learning Experience Designer

Like many other roles, your chance to succeed as a learning experience designer often depends on your education. First and foremost, most learning experience designers will have a college degree and a knowledge of the specific industry where they design learning experiences. Some learning experience designers may have a Master’s or graduate degree, as well. Many of them have also had experience in previous instructional designer jobs.

While you don’t necessarily need to have a degree, the truth is that most learning experience designers will have education of some kind. It’s also possible to get into the LXD field by taking online courses, gaining experience, and building a portfolio. While it might not be the traditional way to enter the field, it’s certainly possible. 

Learning experience design is focused on creating effective experiences for learners. However, unlike instructional design, the field focuses on ensuring that learners either acquire new skills or knowledge or improve on existing skills or knowledge. Often, these designers must understand the latest technology to improve these experiences. 

To become a successful Learning Experience Designer, you need to develop a broad range of skills. You will need instructional design, communication, creativity, technical, project management, and analytical skills. 

Some established certifications for the LXD field include the CLED certification, which stands for Certified Learning Experience Designer, and the CID certification, which stands for Certified Instructional Designer. Both of these certifications require you to pass an exam to establish knowledge and skills in the field.

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