Within the field of learning experience design, a learning experience designer is focused on creating and improving learning experiences for organizations like universities, K-12 schools, corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies.

These learning experience designers also must cater to learners’ needs and motivations. LX designers must also take an approach rooted in creativity and empathy to create engaging learning experiences, whether online courses, group discussions, interactive simulations, or corporate training programs. 

What Is Learning Experience Design?

The learning experience design process incorporates many disciplines, like neuroscience, cognitive psychology, user design, and instructional design. The field’s focus is to create the most engaging and relevant learning experiences possible, whether the experience is designed for a corporation, university, or other organization.

LX designers take a holistic approach to learning experiences and are supposed to meet the learners where they are. While instructional design has existed since WW2, learning experience design has emerged in the last 20 years. 

Jackrabbit LX specializes in designing exceptional learning experiences structured around five key macro-phases. The first phase is Discovery, which involves comprehensive research aimed at enhancing learner success. This includes conducting stakeholder interviews, analyzing existing content, and studying successful competitive products/models. Additionally, this phase focuses on identifying the desired learning outcomes.

The second phase is the Clarify phase, where we generate deliverables that facilitate the exploration of possibilities, envisioning the learning experience, and ultimately scaling it to its full potential.

Moving on to the third phase, Prototype, we construct a course segment that encompasses all the elements we intend to design and develop. This phase allows us to refine and validate our concepts before proceeding further.

The fourth phase, Playbook, entails the creation of a dynamic resource that serves as a living guide. It encapsulates our valuable insights, tools, and processes necessary for implementing a program at scale while ensuring consistent quality. This “living deliverable” evolves alongside the project, offering ongoing support and adaptability.

Finally, the fifth and final phase is Scale. Here, we initiate full-scale production, bringing the comprehensive learning experience to fruition. This phase ensures a seamless transition from development to implementation, maximizing the impact and reach of the program. By adhering to these five macro-phases, Jackrabbit LX guarantees a holistic and practical approach to designing, developing, and scaling exceptional learning experiences.

A learning experience design course will likely focus on the basic principles of learning experience design, such as meeting learners where they are and designing learning experiences based on user feedback. Let’s dive deeper into what a learning experience designer does and why the role is important. 

What Does a Learning Experience Designer Do?

Learning experience designers require effective communication, creativity, and empathy to create these learning experiences. The learning experience designer job description may vary from organization to organization depending on specific goals, objectives, and KPIs. For example, an LX designer may have very different KPIs if they are designing learning experiences for students compared to designing learning experiences to train employees.

LX designers require creativity because they must think about how the learning experience can be improved. This process might also involve embracing education technology or gaming and microlearning principles to ensure learners retain more information. They also require communication skills to update stakeholders on the learning experience progress, and empathy is necessary to understand learners and their needs better. 

Learning experience designers are more in-demand than ever. This isn’t too surprising when you consider that 74% of employees believe that a lack of learning and development programs is why they aren’t unlocking their full potential. 

Of course, learning experience designer jobs can vary from organization to organization. Many nonprofits and government agencies might require a learning experience designer that understands the importance of regulation and compliance, while LX designers at corporations may be more focused on profits, sales, and other specific KPIs. With 84% of sales training material forgotten after 3 months, it’s understandable why organizations would invest in making sure that their employees can retain more information. 

Learning experience designers must constantly think about the content delivered in a learning experience, how it’s delivered, whether it’s accessible, and how the learner can understand how and why they’re learning material that will translate to real-world skills. They must also strategize how to give learners more autonomy over the learning process to help them remain engaged, interested, and motivated.  

How Jackrabbit LX Can Help

Creating an effective and engaging training program can be challenging, but our team of Jackrabbit LX experts is here to help. We have significant experience creating, improving, and revamping learning experiences, using research, creativity, and empathy as our guiding principles. With our tried-and-tested process, we can assist you in revamping your existing program or creating an entirely new educational initiative.

Our customized learning solutions are tailored to your organization’s needs, whether we’re creating learning experiences for universities, nonprofits, major corporations, or healthcare facilities. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you in creating a memorable and engaging learning experience.

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