Learning experience design (LXD) is a field focused on designing human-centered and goal-oriented learning experiences that allow learners to achieve a desired outcome. That outcome can vary significantly depending on the institution or organization. LXD incorporates many different disciplines, including cognitive psychology, user experience design, and design thinking.

What should LX designers understand regarding the most essential components of a learning experience? When LXD professionals understand learners on a granular level, then learning experiences can be transformative for any organization. 

What Are the Components of Learning Experience Design?

There are many different components to consider whether you’re an LX designer designing learning experiences for students, employees, or other learners. Regardless of the kind of learner, several critical components must factor into the LX design process.

What are the essential components of learning experience design? One universal component is the idea of understanding the learner and meeting them where they are. LX designers must conduct a significant amount of research to know the learner. It may include interviewing the learner to learn more about their preconceptions and motivations and deciding what resources to use to create the most engaging learning experience.

Another critical component is user experience design. The learning experience design must be designed to be inclusive and accessible because a learner who is confused won’t be engaged. This is one reason why every list of learning experience design principles includes empathy since LX designers must be empathetic to the learner so they can “see through their eyes.” 

Learning experiences should also be as accessible as possible. No learners should be intentionally excluded from the experience, and LX designers are often intentional in their design so that this does not occur. 

If you want to become an LX designer, you may consider getting a learning experience design masters degree. Of course, keep in mind that the steps of learning design B.Ed. notes can vary from university to university, 

Learning Experience Design Examples

There are many different learning experiences, considering that a learning experience is any experience where someone can learn. Some learning experience design examples include lectures, group discussions, online courses, field trips, and simulations.

However, learning experiences can expand beyond these examples. A roleplaying scenario, for example, can also be a learning experience where employees have to deal with a specific issue that commonly arises in the workplace. A virtual reality simulation might also be a useful learning experience for workers who have to deal with unsafe conditions. With 48% of US consumers already having at least one VR experience, LX designers will likely begin incorporating more VR technology into their learning experiences over the next several decades. 

One example of a learning experience that Jackrabbit LX designed was moving an intensive in-person course to an online format for an Ivy League school. Originally, the class in question was an intensive face-to-face course that took place over several weeks. Naturally, reimagining this kind of learning experience as an online course was challenging. Ultimately this project involved creating custom text, video, and motion graphics, all while sticking to the University’s brand guidelines. Additionally, we facilitated an interview with the president of a major university to ensure the materials for this course were on-brand, accurate, and reputable. The end result was a professional and interactive online course with an easy user experience, helping to maintain the original spirit and goals of the in-person course. 

As you continue to consider learning experience design, keep in mind that LXD professionals often take learning experience design courses to gain relevant experience, although some come from other backgrounds in psychology, educational technology, or instructional design. If you are interested in the LXD field, please remember that there are key differences between learning experience design and instructional design.

Given that it’s an emerging field, you will likely see different information on a learning experience pdf, depending on where it comes from and the perspective of the LXD professional. Similarly, one learning experience design certificate may not include the same kind of experience or training as another. 

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Learning Experience Designer?

There are many reasons to become a learning experience designer. Whether you’re an in-house LXD professional or looking for learning experience design jobs remote, the truth is that a learning experience design job description can vary widely.

An LXD professional at a corporation might be focusing on improving sales for the company. At the same time, an LX designer at a university will be worried more about improving student engagement or test scores. In other words, the roles and responsibilities of a learning experience designer can be quite different depending on the organization. There’s a good chance that it will involve designing digital experiences since 90% of companies offer their employees some form of digital learning.

Many LX designers come from an educational technology or instructional design background, but it’s also possible for them to emerge after learning skills on the job. Since the field combines so many disciplines, LXD professionals often have diverse sets of skills and come from different backgrounds. 

How Jackrabbit LX Can Help

Our team of Jackrabbit LX experts has significant experience in creating, improving, and revamping learning experiences. We can assist your organization whether you’re trying to create a brand-new educational initiative or looking to revamp or reinvigorate your training program. Our approach is straightforward: we create learning solutions rooted in research, creativity, and empathy.

Our proven process is tried and tested, and we’re always open to discussing opportunities to create memorable and engaging experiences for your organization, no matter the industry. We specialize in creating tailored learning experiences unique to your organization. 

We’d love to discuss opportunities to create memorable and engaging experiences for your organization. Contact us to find out more!

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