This moment, right now, might just be the biggest and fastest experiment in the history of education. No one probably feels this more than parents who have been thrown into the role of teacher. Sometimes as they are also juggling work and everything else. In this episode I talk with Wendy Willard who created a resource for her kids and shared it with the world just as we were all heading into our bunkers. It caught my eye because she did it quickly, but also because it’s so thoughtfully designed. What I saw was a smart and nuanced approach to solving the challenge of being a sudden homeschool teacher. Her “no-school checklist” is simple and nuanced all at once. Check it out!

Wendy and her husband have been privileged to share their lives with a lot of different people over the past two decades. They have two daughters by birth and have fostered more than 20 other kids. They’ve lived across the US and in Central America, because they love the adventure of following God wherever he leads. By day, Wendy is a product and marketing manager for a non-profit, as well as a creative consultant to mission-driven organizations. She also enjoys encouraging and coaching people about how to live their strengths. You can find out more about Wendy at her blog:

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Jason Gorman is the host of An Imperfect Map and the Founder and Managing Partner at Jackrabbit LX. 

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