I was thinking about what education will need to be in the fall and a minute later I read this quote from Wendy Willard: 

“I also knew that I needed to give [my] kids some choice. For them, so much of their life has been turned upside down even before COVID-19. So, they’ve lost a lot of choice in their life and so, I wanted to provide structure, but while also giving a lot of choices.”

In this interview, she wasn’t answering a question about the fall, but about a resource she created just as COVID hit. The idea of “structure with choice” is simple and powerful. It’s also hard to do well. Even harder with the current time constraints (classes start in about 75 days!).

“Structure and choice” could be a mantra for faculty, teachers, administrators, and parents. The reality is we still have no idea what the fall might look like or what might change, open, or close within the semester. We can design for structure and choice by providing an anchor for learning no matter where it happens while creating flexible activities around it that can adapt with the public health situation. We’ll create the best possible learning experiences for our learners if we embrace the full complexity and all the variables and unknowns from the very beginning.

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