Sarah Sgromo Headshot

Sarah Sgromo

Senior Learning Experience Technologist

Sarah Sgromo is a Senior Learning Experience Technologist who collaborates with Learning Experience Designers to match technology features to designs, and provides innovative technology solutions to solve unique design challenges. A key focus for Sarah is to stay informed of industry trends related to learning technology and learning analytics to drive continuous improvement in Jackrabbit LX processes.

Sarah is a solution-minded thinker with a deep passion for finding the best method to accomplish any goal. She has worked in the virtual learning space for the past six years coordinating and building impactful virtual learning environments for both live continuing education events and asynchronous certification programs. She has seen the impact that the right tools can have on ensuring successful learning outcomes, and continuously strives to achieve a more inclusive and impactful learning experience through technology solutions.

Sarah’s educational background in communication design, graphic design, and marketing is seen throughout client projects and Jackrabbit LX processes. Her work is founded on powerful communication and design principles.

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