The Challenge

The Medtronic Diabetes division strives to transform diabetes care by expanding access, integrating care and improving outcomes so people living with diabetes can enjoy greater freedom and better health.

For many diabetes patients, there are high physical and emotional stakes in the responsibility of managing their day-to-day care. Orienting patients to correctly and safely use a new personal diabetes device must go beyond teaching “the how” of using the technology; patients require a knowledgeable, consistent, and compassionate presence as they learn to use the device and make changes to their lifestyle based on their own goals. 

MDT Diabetes needed a partner who could help them envision and create a new approach to patient training. Such a partnership would modernize MDT’s traditional approach of in-person training by designing and developing hybrid (synchronous and asynchronous) patient learning experiences. Medtronic Diabetes also needed guidance on choosing the most appropriate technology to deliver this new model.

The Process

Jackrabbit LX strives to be a good listener and fast learner while bringing a “consulting mindset” to all aspects of our work. We worked to balance understanding Medtronic’s needs and bringing our own ideas and experiences to the table. This helped us spot opportunities and options faster, and to anticipate problems in a complicated process.  

MDT is obligated to adhere to Federal Drug and Administration regulations throughout their product cycle, including patient education. As such,  we collaborated with Medtronic Diabetes on a pedagogically sound approach that aligned to the appropriate technology for patient experiences given the legal, compliance, and technical requirements of the program. 

We applied our repeatable and proven approach which was customized as needed to meet Medtronic’s needs. We began by creating a vision for the program to balance clinical outcomes, organizational goals, accessibility, and relatability of five personas previously identified by Medtronic. 

Once the technology was determined and we had some strong initial ideas for the program design, we created our prototype. In this phase we worked iteratively, seeking feedback internally at MDT as well as from clinicians and patients.

Feedback on the prototype was important and useful. Some initial assumptions and directions were changed based on what we learned through testing and feedback. This required deep collaboration across many teams within Medtronic, as well as many partners including Jackrabbit.

The Solution

Together, Jackrabbit LX and Medtronic established a process for defining project and product requirements from conception through delivery. Integrating Jackrabbit deeply into Medtronic’s systems enabled stakeholders to know what activities would take place, who would be involved, and when activities would be completed.

By giving our team access to MDT’s communication ecosystem, communication protocols ran securely and smoothly across documents and the project management software. Clearly articulating the vision for products and services and what it would take to complete these projects has resulted in scalable and efficient templates for the work that continue to improve with each additional project. 

The result of this collaboration, beyond documented processes, is the modern, sophisticated, and best-in-industry learning experience launched for MDT’s diabetes patients and the clinical providers who support them. Together, we and MDT are delivering patients different forms of content that meet their specific needs, experience that rewards their progress, enables them to set their treatment goals, to receive “any time” help when struggling with their treatment, the ability to revisit their goals, and interact with the diabetes educational content in a thoughtful and reflective way.

We created a visual design style that was on-brand and adapted for online learning delivered via the chosen LMS. Within the selected technology, we helped Medtronic to develop a new video and audio content style. We created a new “voice” for learning experiences that reflect the caring and competent Medtronic Diabetes clinical team while incorporating a disarming and playful approach in certain key moments to put patients at ease.


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