The Art of Persuasive Communication


Storytelling is the essential skill of the twenty-first century professional.

Tell a better story and you will attract the right opportunities, raise capital faster, impress customers, and land your dream job. Without a good story, you’re stuck.

Storytelling can be learned. It’s not some magical skill that some have and others just don’t.

You can tell stories better. You can do it quickly and easily. You simply need to learn the structures and techniques of powerful storytelling.

You are in good hands. Adam Davidson built a career telling stories at The New Yorker, Times Magazine, and as the founder of NPR’s Planet Money. He has been a senior consultant on films like The Big Short, directed by Academy Award Winner Adam McKay.

Adam Davidson

Masterful Storytelling Workshop for Professionals

2023 workshop dates coming soon!

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Jackrabbit LX has partnered with Adam Davidson to present Masterful Storytelling, a workshop for business leaders looking to extend their impact.

Stories matter. We all respond viscerally and genuinely to stories, especially well-told ones.

Join Adam for this hands-on workshop to gain an understanding of the business value inherent in masterful storytelling, and learn the skills necessary to put stories to work in your career.


Do your leaders inspire your employees to feel meaning at work?


Do all functional areas of your organization hold the same understanding of why your company exists?


Does your entire organization tell a compelling story about what your company does and why it does it?


Do your customers, leads, investors, and others truly understand your unique value and reward you for it?


Masterful Storytelling for Organizations

What if everyone in your organization was telling the same powerful story?

We can customize a learning experience just for your team or organization.
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Adam Davidson

The stories Adam Davidson tells change our understanding of business, the economy, and politics. He has worked for the very best: The New Yorker, This American Life, The New York Times Magazine, and he created NPR’s flagship podcast, Planet Money. Amazon named his book, “The Passion Economy” one of the best business books of 2020.


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