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  • The AI Pedagogy Project’s AI Guide
  • The 2024 educational landscape
  • McDonald’s people-first approach to learning
  • A three-phase end-to-end process for skills development

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What We’re Reading

Handpicked articles and resources that have piqued our interest and support the work of learning experience design.

The AI Guide | AI Pedagogy Project | metaLAB (at) Harvard

Discover the AI Pedagogy Project, an innovative initiative by the metaLAB at Harvard within the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. This project empowers educators like us to engage learners in meaningful discussions about AI’s role in education. The AI Guide is “meant to provide an introduction to the current AI tools that are relevant for use in educational settings and to demystify some of the hype surrounding AI. It will help you consider whether you might integrate AI into your teaching, and how to do so responsibly.”

Top Education Trends to Watch in 2024 | Hospitality Net

In this opinion piece by program leader and learning experience consultant, Eric Debétaz, he ponders the educational landscape of 2024. From technologies such as gamification, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, which are altering the very fabric of education, to the cultivation of essential soft skills like entrepreneurship and public speaking, the author suggests we’re navigating uncharted waters. But here’s the kicker – attention spans have shrunk in the digital age, and that’s where the concept of nano-learning comes into play. Educators aren’t just disseminating knowledge anymore; they’re facilitating journeys of discovery. And then there’s the notion of lifelong learning – a theme that plays on indefinitely in a world where staying relevant means learners must continuously fine-tune their skills.

What We’re Watching (and Listening to)

As podcast and vodcast enthusiasts, we have some favorites to share that will spark your curiosity as much as ours.

Episode 1: They Learn, You Win—Why McDonald’s Takes a People-First Approach to Learning | Schoox

Host David Wentworth, the VP of Learning & Talent Development Platform Evangelist at Schoox, interviews Lan Tran. As the Director of Learning Design and Technology at McDonald’s—a company as diverse as it is massive—Lan is dedicated to creating learning materials that are customized to local cultures to meet the needs of their people. Hear her discuss the learning design McDonald’s uses to serve its vast employee base. She describes how struggles, motivations, and engagement factors contribute to effective L&D. She goes on to share the impact of different organizational models on learning design efforts and what her team does to create a culture of reflection and practice (even with limited time).

Elevate 24: Skills Development – End-to-End Process | Learning Uncut

In Episode 24 of the Learning Uncut Elevate series, hosts Michelle Ockers and Ravina Bhatia discuss a three-phase end-to-end process for skills development within organizations. They emphasize collaboration across various teams within a company. Phase one involves co-designing a custom skills framework, Phase two focuses on implementing and testing the framework, and Phase three centers on developing a skills “toolkit” for learner development. This toolkit aims to empower adults to take charge of their learning and development, with support from leaders and managers at their workplace. The hosts stress the importance of tailoring the toolkit to the organization’s unique needs and platforms.

JLX Monthly Collab

One thing JLX prides itself on is our collaborative approach with our clients and colleagues. We invite you to share an idea, participate in a poll, or respond to a learning design challenge. It’s a learning frenzy!

This month’s poll: Complete the sentence, “In 2024, trends in learning will include …” 

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What We’re Doing

We love what we do at JLX. Here we will share some of our own musings about pedagogy, design thinking, research, and client case studies.

Crafting a Vision for Online Learning: The Strategic Impact of a North Star Statement | Jackrabbit Learning Experience 

In their blog post, Jason Gorman and Susan Graham-Rent of Jackrabbit Learning Experience emphasize the significance of a North Star statement in online learning. This statement succinctly defines the primary goal of an educational initiative, serving as a guiding principle throughout the program’s development. They introduce the “Jackrabbit LX North Star Template,” a tool to create this critical statement. The post outlines the process of crafting a North Star statement, highlighting its role in aligning design decisions with the program’s vision. Ultimately, they stress the importance of this statement in online education, offering clarity and direction for creating impactful, learner-centered content.

Vital Strategies | Jackrabbit Learning Experience

Jackrabbit LX was tasked with developing a virtual adaptation of the Data to Policy (D2P) training program, in collaboration with the CDC and Vital Strategies. The project aimed to make D2P accessible in a virtual format and create a flexible approach for future deliveries. Participants, often with public health backgrounds, worked in teams to develop policy briefs, presenting a challenge in ensuring their ability to defend their work to decision-makers. The process included stakeholder interviews, beta testing, and adapting the program. The team navigated COVID-19 challenges and successfully created a virtual D2P program, enabling participants worldwide to leverage data for improved health policy development.

Just for Fun

Need a good giggle? Like a fun pun? We do too!

The Jackrabbit Learning Experience (JLX) team members are passionate advocates for exceptional learning experiences. We believe in the transformative power of learning.

Thank you for reading!

The Jackrabbit LX Team

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