Thanks to the emergence of learning experience design, or LXD, more people are thinking about how to create the best possible learning experience. Learning experience design is an interdisciplinary discipline that draws from other fields like education technology, cognitive science, user experience design (UX), and more. 

Let’s examine what it takes to deliver the best possible learning experience. 

How Do You Give the Best Learning Experience?

There are countless ways to think about a “learning experience.” A learning experience can be a conversation that you have with a friend, an online course that you take on your desktop or a classroom discussion that you have with other students. You can get many different answers if you ask people to describe your learning experience example since it includes any experience where a human being learned something.

The best learning experience will always be tailored and personalized as much as possible, allowing the learner to offer feedback. This is why it is always useful to ask learners to describe the most valuable aspect of this learning experience for you. It can uncover insights that can help iterate and improve the learning experience in the future.

It can be challenging to create the best possible learning experience, but it’s essential to keep some basic principles in mind. The learning experience should be as functional, accessible, and memorable as possible, for example, because otherwise, there is no chance it will succeed. Ultimately, the best learning experience is one that is designed with the learner first and keeps the learner’s outcome in mind at all times.

How to Improve Student Learning Experience?

Learning experience designers are often hired by universities and other vocational and educational institutions to create and improve learning experiences for students. These designers must research to understand how these learning experiences can be improved, which can take time.

There are many different types of learning experiences with examples, such as an online course that students can take remotely, an interactive simulation where students “speak” with historical figures, or a pop quiz where students assess how much they know about a specific topic. These learning experiences have their own purpose, but LX designers understand how to combine different elements for maximum impact.

As an LX designer, you will want to know the ultimate point of the learning experience since a learning experience for a college student can differ significantly from a sales-focused learning experience for an employee. If you are interested in improving student learning experiences, you should be interviewing students with an empathetic approach. This will help you understand more about what they enjoy, what frustrates them, and whether they feel like what they’re learning is relevant for the future.

The best learning experience as a student takes into account many different things from the student: how they learn, their pain points and frustrations, the relevant technologies they use, and more. A learning experience in school is much different from educational experiences decades ago when it was dominated by classroom lectures and textbook reading. These days, learning experiences are much more active, engaging, and interactive.

Of course, the teacher is also a variable that must be considered. If a teacher is passionate and already beloved by students, students are much more likely to remain engaged and motivated. Similarly, a second teacher that the students already dislike may be able to deliver a great learning experience but won’t have the same results as the first one.

A good learning experience does not just emphasize memorizing facts or theories but helps students think for themselves. This might look like students analyzing, experimenting, and debating with what they’ve just learned, which is a positive sign that the learning experience was effective. 92% of teachers point out that student engagement is a key driver of success. 

A powerful learning experience is an experience designed with the learner in mind first, rooted in research and creativity. 

How Jackrabbit LX Can Help

Designing learning experiences that deliver true value for your organization can be incredibly challenging. Our experts can help tailor learning experiences to meet your specific goals and metrics thanks to our tried-and-tested 5 Phase process that helps combine both creativity and research to design a learning experience that has a significant impact.

Whether you’re trying to design a learning experience from the ground up, pivot your organization to adjust to the market, or hoping to train employees to improve sales or safety numbers, our consultants, designers, and producers are here to take your learning experience to the next level. At Jackrabbit LX, we believe the right learning experiences can lead to meaningful organizational transformation. 

Contact us today if you’re ready to take the next step in designing and developing a unique and personalized learning experience. 

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