The learning experience design (LXD) field is becoming more prevalent than ever, thanks to professionals who are passionate about designing, improving, and iterating different kinds of learning experiences. How exactly does one become a learning experience designer or pursue a career in LXD in general?

Let’s examine what it takes to become an LX designer and the current state of the LXD industry. 

What Is a Learning Experience Designer?

A learning experience designer is someone who is focused on ensuring that a learning experience meets the needs of the learner. They take a learner-focused and goal-oriented approach to designing learning experiences. Learning experience design is a holistic and interdisciplinary field that involves skills like user design, instructional design, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience.

An LX designer needs to be familiar with learning experience design examples, principles, and best practices. LX designers are focused on making sure that learning experiences are more enjoyable, engaging, and effective. They must also be creative and empathetic to ensure that they are creating learning experiences that are accessible and meet the learner where they are.

How To Become a Learning Experience Designer

Most LX designers earn a learning experience degree or degrees in related fields. 

While some folks may be introduced to the field through a learning experience, design free course, or on-the-job work, becoming an LXD professional these days often requires a higher education. For folks interested in testing the waters before committing to a full-scale academic endeavor, many universities also offer a learning experience design certificate. It may even be worth exploring learning experience design on Coursera to see whether you’re truly interested in an LXD future. 

Additionally, most LX designers have an extensive background in education or education technology, so they tend to have a college degree. The typical learning experience designer job description will require a college or master’s degree.

It’s also possible to take a more non-traditional approach to the LXD field, with some LX designers coming from the user design field. Others might have a background in fields such as graphic design or education technology. LX designers should understand how to embrace technology to create the best possible learning experience, and understanding basic design principles is necessary for LXD success.

Many other LX professionals come to the field as student counselors since they have unique insights into the minds of learners. Others may arrive at LX design through educational consulting or come from Elearning organizations. 

Traditional learning is not serving the needs of modern organizations in many cases. 70% of employees claim that they don’t have mastery of the skills they need to do their jobs, and LX designers can help design experiences tailored to their needs. 

Are Learning Designers in Demand?

With the global eLearning market predicted to reach $457 billion by 2026, it’s safe to say that more organizations than ever are interested in designing learning experiences. Nonprofits, government agencies, and corporations are interested in hiring LX designers to improve their training programs, instructional materials, and simulations.

While it’s impossible to predict how the job market will evolve, learning experience designers are certainly in demand currently. They must be able to have some project management skills since their job involves communicating with key leaders and stakeholders regarding the progress of the learning experience design process. 

Learning experience designers can help improve learning experiences by making them more inclusive or accessible for a specific demographic, for example. The role may also involve designing multiple learning experiences at once. LX designers are usually expected to create learning experiences with multimedia materials, including video or interactive course material. They will be expected to analyze user feedback to improve the learning experience, as well.  

There’s more of a demand than ever for content that educates, entertains, and engages. Whether you’re a major corporation looking to boost profits or a university looking to find out how to create the most memorable interactive courses, learning experience designers can prove critical to that success. 

How Jackrabbit LX Can Help

Improving a learning experience can be transformative for organizations of all kinds, whether you’re trying to improve sales, employee productivity or encourage teamwork among employees or students. Jackrabbit LX has helped universities and corporations create the most effective and engaging learning experiences to help them achieve their specific goals and KPIs.

Our LX experts understand the importance of collaboration and communication, and our tried-and-tested process helps organizations avoid the typical obstacles when it comes to learning experience design. We’ve tailored learning experiences for organizations like Medtronic, Boston University, and Edinno.

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