👋 Hey there! This post is all about generative AI and Learning Experience Design for leaders and practitioners. But first, let me share a quick story from the field. 😊

Years before starting Jackrabbit Learning Experience, I had the honor of designing a new approach to teacher education. The brilliant visionary in charge of the project wanted to upend traditional teacher ed. He had bold ideas based on decades of research and work with teachers and school systems. The new approach included fieldwork from day 1, student teachers moving at their own pace, teacher mentors, and deep thoughtful project work. I loved the vision.

🎮 Also, our product had to look and feel like a game.

We went into schools to test our prototype ideas out with new teachers. They loved loved loved our program design except for one thing: they completely rejected the “game” vibe. A case study or an ongoing simulation would have been fine, but not a game. It was a dealbreaker for them. 

For our team, it changed everything: our process, timeline, budget, and staff. 

The key takeaway? If we hadn’t done that research, we could have spent months, maybe years, going down the wrong path. The “game” idea was at the center of the design. It could have been millions of dollars and years wasted.

In learning experience design, we all know research is critical. And yet, it is often skipped because organizations don’t have enough time or money.

This is where generative AI comes in. Now’s our chance! Will it replace some tasks? Yes, it will. And it’ll free up time to do things we often have not done because we have not had time.

🙋‍♀️ Interacting with and learning from learners
🔍 Gathering secondary data
🧪 Doing a deeper dive into the learning science literature
👥 Creating psychographic personas
🤖 Prototyping (heck, maybe even more than one model)
👉 Testing with learners, iterating
👀 Working with SME content
✍️ Deep and detailed editing

And on and on. And on.

As leaders in this field, the burden is on us to use these tools to do more for our learners and more for the organizations supporting them.

💥What will you do?!

What could you delegate to AI? What could you do to bring greater value to your learners and your organization?

[absurd AI-generated image attached]



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