Every quarter I set a handful of “rocks” or goals that align with my longer-term goals. Quarterly rocks are supposed to create constant and consistent progress. Steady forward movement. This quarter, though, has been a whiplash jolt into the future.

Around the first of the year, I set this rock for Q1: “Explore AI tools in the context of the Jackrabbit LX Mindset and Process. Create a preliminary philosophy about how we might use AI to fuel JLX’s growth and competitive fitness.”

My assumption was that I’d first survey the most interesting established and emerging AI tools. I figured I would try some out, catalog them, and land on a few options for our whole team to explore more deeply.

Almost three months later, I’m in a very different place. Here’s what I’ve realized:

– We don’t know what we don’t know.
– At JLX, there are opportunities to use AI in nearly every stage of our process, from consulting to design to development.
– We will need specific rules for using AI. For instance, we have not used AI on client projects yet. An important guideline might be something like “the client must always know and consent to every form of AI use.”
– Microsoft has named its AI “Copilot” for a reason; successful use of this technology requires a clear vision and specialized knowledge. Without these, you may invest more time and effort in the AI than you get back.
– The AI tools we have now are primitive compared to what we’ll have in a few short months. The UI will evolve rapidly. It will be integrated in obvious and invisible ways across platforms.
– In trying to learn about AI, I’ve found that it’s better to ask, “why does this technology work this way” than, “how do I make this technology perform X task.”

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