Thanks to the rise of both the Internet and smartphone technology, technology has empowered human beings to learn anywhere in the world. While there are more online learning experiences than ever, many of them have challenges in an ever-evolving educational landscape. Our LXD experts are constantly learning how to create better learning experiences, including learning experiences for students. 


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Jackrabbit LX first took the time to really understand our product, our patients and our unique needs for their education. They guided us through each step to realize our vision and delivered an experience that will make a huge impact on our patients!
Kristen Scavuzzo


Jackrabbit LX has provided us autonomy in managing our curriculum, eased our challenges in launching our online courses, and streamlined our course building. We are now moving into a deeper relationship around curriculum design as we create new courses together and we are thoroughly enjoying this process.
Bronwyn Keefe

Boston University, CADER

Jackrabbit LX has been tremendously helpful to us in providing course design and production support during times of increased demand. Overall, our experience has been very positive, and JLX has demonstrated a strong commitment to clarity, efficiency and high-quality work under tight deadlines.
Romy Ruukel

Boston University, Shipley Center

After being disrupted by COVID, Jackrabbit LX helped us to gather insights from program participants and stakeholders to merge our short-term pivot with our longer term objectives for the program. The solution included the legacy program’s essential components – including mentoring and project-based learning – all of which have received positive feedback from participants.
Emily Myers

Vital Strategies

Tailored Consulting

Every organization has different learning needs. That’s why we tailor our side-by-side consulting to help you envision new programs, reimagine existing content, select the right technology, and develop a plan that fosters preparedness throughout the organization.


Well-Designed Experiences

Create engaging learning experiences that last. We use dynamic content mapping, prototyping, design playbooks, and continuous feedback loops to equip you with beautifully crafted learning environments.

Hands-On Production

Leave compelling content production to the experts. From writing and editing to project management and accessibility standards, we create video and audio for learning experiences that resonate.


Continuous Improvement

 Think beyond “one and done” engagements. We partner with you to create a continuous feedback loop for implementing user feedback, optimizing performance, and solving challenges as they arise.

Want to create a learning experience?

Designing Learning Experiences for Students

Thanks to the rise of both the Internet and smartphone technology, technology has empowered human beings to learn anywhere in the world. While there are more online learning experiences than ever, many of them have challenges in an ever-evolving educational landscape. Our LXD experts are constantly learning how to create better learning experiences, including learning experiences for students. 


In fact, the LXD field is growing specifically because more people are needed to improve and tailor online learning experiences. What does this look like, and why is the role of the LX designer so crucial in modern education? We’ll examine the occupation, its functions and responsibilities, some basic principles of LXD, and more. 

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Learning Experience Designer?

Let’s first talk about learning experience designers and what they do. Learning design refers to deliberate choices about what, when, and where to teach. This includes deciding and designing the content and structure of the learning experience, making sure it remains human-centered, and offering clear goals to help learners better understand their progress. 


Because organizations and institutions need more learning experiences than ever (and people are being exposed to learning in more ways), learning experience jobs remain in demand. Developing learning experience designer skills can also be a smart decision for your future, regardless of whether you plan to enter the field.


The roles and responsibilities of an LX designer differ from organization to organization. For example, an LXD experience for training healthcare professionals remotely might have very different objectives than an LXD experience for college students. 


However, in order to create a transformative experience, LX designers must think consistently about the learner, their preferences, their journey, and their emotions. The learning experience is also expected to be enjoyable and engaging and have as little unnecessary friction as possible. 

How to Design Learning Experiences

There are many different approaches to LXD, and it can often depend on the learning experience design degree you study for or the learning experience design courses that you take. One of the main principles of LXD is to create learning experiences that offer flexible and incremental goals. 


The best learning experiences also grow thanks to continuous feedback. Another challenging aspect of LXD is that designers must determine how to improve student learning experiences while keeping in mind budget and time constraints. 


Learning experience design is also related to instructional design (ID) and UX (user experience). However, the LXD field shifts the focus from instructions to the learners, embracing concepts like blended learning, micro-learning, and understanding the learner as a whole. Individuals with a learning experience design certificate also understand the importance of leveraging technology to create the best overall learning experience possible. 


How exactly does one go about designing a learning experience? It’s important to understand that it will first require significant research. This research stage might involve communicating with learners to find out what is effective or talking with stakeholders to understand their specific objectives and KPIs. 


Jackrabbit LX has a specific 5-stage LX process that helps us design and streamline learning experiences. Our approach balances creativity with research to create experiences that engage your students or employees. 


The Discover phase is where we find the best approach to work with faculty or other relevant stakeholders, while also considering learner needs and existing data about the current program or learning initiative.


During the Clarify phase, we take what we learned in the Discover phase and organize the data to paint a clearer picture. From here, our LXD professionals can understand what it takes to build a successful learning experience. We also develop a core “Evidence and Standards” database to establish quality and success metrics.


The Prototype phase is where we transform one element of a course to learn more about how design can be refined. We communicate with learners and eventually determine what will work at scale, but develop a fully functional prototype first and gather as much data as possible.


The Playbook phase can be thought of as a “living deliverable,” but it will essentially be the guidebook we use to develop your tailored learning experience. We also establish quality and consistency in the learning experience, whether creating a cohesive online course, a more collaborative webinar or establishing the required multimedia in a remote training program.


The Scale phase is the final phase of the process, where we begin full-scale learning experience creation. Project management and communication will likely remain two of the most important aspects during this phase. We execute the learning experience based on the information obtained through the previous phases. 


Thanks to this process, we’ve delivered for major nonprofits, college universities, and organizations in several industries. Whether your KPIs are employee retention, student success, or increasing sales, the right learning experience can significantly transform your organization and improve outcomes. 

Designing Learning Experiences for Students

LXD is important beyond education since many organizations can benefit from improving their learning and training programs. However, LXD is also necessary to ensure that both schools and universities can enhance their curriculum, help students retain more information, and make learning experiences more engaging and memorable.


Many learning experience designers are interested in making the content more accessible and engaging to the end user rather than putting the focus on the instructions or content itself. Many LXD designers have relevant neuroscience and psychology skills to help them understand students and create the best learning experience possible. Others might emphasize storytelling to make the experience more memorable or focus on making the experience more cohesive and unified. 


In the case of remote education, learning experience design would involve improving virtual experiences. An LX designer might establish some clear and measurable goals, such as finding a way to measure online collaboration as a metric for success. Then, the designer would develop a learning experience that encourages more online collaboration. 


An LX designer might also be responsible for improving a mobile app that helps onboard new employees to an organization. Their responsibility might include changing the app’s content to make it more consistent, redesigning the wireframe so the content is delivered in a more engaging way, or finding a way to improve employee learning curves in general. 


In 2021, an analysis of platform activity revealed that engagement rates doubled when a course had at least three internal comments before two or more people. In this way, an LXD professional might find new ways to encourage more shareable and collaborative learning content and activities. 


Instead of thinking of learning experiences as static, LX designers the importance of a learning experience that is not only interactive but can be regularly updated. In the past, education might have just involved a standard textbook. 


Now, a learning experience could look like a virtual course incorporating gamification, virtual reality technology, and micro-learning principles to create an immersive and interactive “world” where learners can learn and have fun.


When it’s applied, learning experience design can improve society in a number of ways. An example of improvement in student learning would be adding different multimedia to a learning experience to help appeal to different students and help them engage with the content on a deeper level. 


It’s also very important to understand the “journey” of a course and establish measurable goals to understand learner progress better. In some cases, it may be worth developing user personas to understand specific types of learners better. 


The best learning experience as a student is accessible, manageable, and clear. An experienced LX designer might also improve university materials, decide on new innovative formats for learning experiences, or think about how a learning experience in school can be broken up into more manageable parts. 

How Jackrabbit LX Can Help 

Looking to create human-centered, research-based experiences that are both engaging and meet your organization’s performance standards? Look no further than Jackrabbit LX. Our multi-phase process has been proven to achieve these goals and more. We’ve worked with organizations like Medtronic to help them envision and create new patient training programs. 


By customizing the learning experience to fit each learner’s needs, LXD is particularly effective in teaching complex topics. Adopting this approach can help organizations gain fresh insights into what their people need to know and how to engage them. This is extremely important, especially when you consider that an overwhelming 88% of employees say they do not apply the training skills they learn on the job. 


At Jackrabbit LX, our team’s extensive experience in the learning experience design sector means we can help you create and design exceptional learning experiences. We’ll work with you to create a custom roadmap that defines success for your organization, then prototype and iterate to design the perfect learning experience before scaling it to meet your needs.


Don’t settle for less than extraordinary learning experiences, especially when they can help transform your organization. Contact Jackrabbit LX today to learn more about how we can help clarify and execute your specific learning experience design goals.



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