Navigating the competitive and ever-evolving world of online learning often requires more than just passion and expertise. It calls for a clear and guiding principle — a North Star statement. In learning experience design, a North Star statement is critical in ensuring your program’s success and relevance. More than a mission statement, it’s the beacon guiding every step of your program development. 

Understanding the North Star Statement in Online Course Development

At its heart, a North Star statement succinctly articulates the educational initiative’s primary goal. It answers the key questions: What do we aim to achieve, and who are we aiming to serve? This clarity is essential where content, objectives, and the overall learning experience design can easily become muddled or lose focus.

To assist in crafting such a statement, we’ve developed the “Jackrabbit LX North Star Template.” Our tool is designed to help articulate the overarching vision for your project in e-learning. This exercise, pivotal in strategic planning and project management, results in the generation of your metaphorical guiding star, ensuring all efforts in designing learning experiences are directed toward your common goal.

Crafting a Stellar Guide for E-Learning Projects

Developing your North Star statement involves deep reflection on your program’s core objectives in e-learning.

For instance, you may be a company who seeks to provide your employees with professional development on a topic such as company finance policies. Your North Star may be, “At NewCo Enterprises, our guiding North Star is to offer our dedicated staff four compelling, concise, and easily accessible 15-minute micro-learning courses on company finance policies. These modules will not only define our company’s policies but also the underlying rationale, equipping our professionals with practical, real-world insights they can readily apply. Our success hinges on the wholehearted endorsement of our staff upon completing these courses, as we are committed to empowering them to make informed, policy-adherent decisions with confidence.”

At Jackrabbit LX, we introduce our clients to the “Jackrabbit LX North Star Template” early on in our Discovery work with them. We explain how this work acts as a compass in our learning experience design, guiding the creation of learning objectives and overarching project goals. Together, have a brainstorming session to develop the North Star statement. We ask many questions, including:

  • What is your ultimate goal upon completion of this project? What do you aspire to achieve?
  • Who are your learners? What do you want their experience to be?
  • How will you know success was achieved?

Aligning Learning Experience Design with Your North Star

With your North Star statement in place, it becomes a litmus test for all decisions and designs within your learning program. Each course module, interactive tool, and instructional method is measured against this statement. Does this element make the topic more accessible? Does it engage the learner? Can the learner apply the learning? If the answer is yes, you’re aligning perfectly with your guiding star.


As 2023 draws to a close, we find ourselves in a landscape of learning experience design that’s rapidly evolving, driven by breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and the ever-growing need for lifelong learning. This change isn’t just about technology; it reflects a shift in how, when, and why people engage in learning throughout their careers. In this dynamic environment, our learners’ expectations are also shifting, demanding we remain both flexible and forward-thinking.

In this context, the importance of a North Star statement becomes even more pronounced. It serves not just as a guiding point in the sky but as an anchor. While we will always face unexpected challenges in our work, a well-defined North Star ensures we always make informed decisions, aligning us with our ultimate goals.

How Jackrabbit LX Can Help

Improving a learning experience can be transformative for organizations of all kinds, whether you’re trying to improve sales, and employee productivity or encourage teamwork among employees or students. Jackrabbit LX has helped universities and corporations create the most effective and engaging learning experiences to help them achieve their learner’s goals and KPIs.

Our LX experts understand the importance of collaboration and communication, and our tried-and-tested process helps organizations avoid the typical obstacles when it comes to learning experience design. We’ve tailored learning experiences for organizations like Medtronic, Boston University, and Edinno.

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