Sometimes the scariest part of learning experience design is figuring out where to start. It doesn’t have to be.

There’s a lot to consider, and even experienced organizations can feel some paralysis because they don’t know what exactly “it” is and don’t see how “it” should look. Feeling like you have no idea where to start is entirely natural.

The best place to start the process is to talk to your learners. Get insight into what they need. Learn about the types of content they use today to learn things.

Once you gain these learner insights, you’ll start to see their perspective. You’ll learn about your clients. You’ll understand what they’re doing. You’ll begin to see things. 

When you layer learning about content — anything from cybersecurity to marketing to diabetes health — you know more about the organization. You uncover their metrics and KPIs. In other words, the things that are important for their success.
You can use everything you’ve learned from your learners as a part of your guide.

Then revisit the applicable learning science. There’s so much we know about learning. There is an ocean of information, which can be overwhelming. You can find the sources that are right for you and what you’re trying to accomplish and write them down so you can reference them repeatedly as you design. 

Weave these three things together :
– Learner insights
– The content and success factors critical to your learners today
– Solid science in learning and behavioral change.
Then you’ll get a clear starting point for your learning program.

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